The Mehndi Experience

Traditional Art with a Modern Twist

Contemporary Indian & Khaleeji / Gulf Style

Indian style is easily recognizable with its paisley and peacock motifs, mandalas, and delicate fills. Khaleeji or Gulf style is characterized by a combination of organic and geometric motifs, interesting layouts and the use of negative space as a design element.

*Note:  Any pictures where the henna appears black is with the paste still on the skin. Any other colors, such as pink or blue, are either cosmetic glitter, mica gilding gel or metallic foils which are sometimes added to henna designs for fashion effects. Reddish, brownish or burgundy designs are stain pictures anywhere from 12-36 hours after paste removal. I NEVER use PPD/Black Henna or "Emergency Cone" henna on anyone! I only use henna paste made from all-natural, 80-90% organic ingredients.